Why Viso Suite?

Why Viso Suite?

Here is why you will love Viso Suite:

Best in Class for Visual AI
Viso Suite offers unique technology allowing to modularly build and update Solutions. The ability to exchange modules from existing solutions, change the hardware architecture or software algorithms, means that you never invest in legacy systems. It is the only hardware agnostic as well as software agnostic solution, making it future-proof.

All-in-One Suite of Software
Viso Suite is packed with all the tools needed to build, distribute and operate professional AI vision solutions. Start with a small MVP and scale to a large in-production deployment without the hassle of integration and management of fragmented and narrow tools or algorithms. Viso Suite seamlessly integrates Visual Building, Device Management, Deployment Center, Dashboards, Access Management and much more.

Innovate much faster
With fully integrated and complete tools that are ready out-of-the-box, you can expect Viso Suite to revolutionize the way AI Vision technology is developed. Expect drastically shorter development cycles, even after product launch. Bring features to market in weeks instead of years.

Unrivalled Scalability
Viso Suite offers unique technology allowing to scale your solutions without limits. The fully managed infrastructure supports deploying to thousands of edge devices and collecting gathered insights in the cloud.

Ease of use
Viso Suite includes a range of no code, low code, and professional developer tools for AI Vision. Over 2'500 Modules allow you to build custom Applications quickly and intuitively. Everything works out-of-the box.

You aren't convinced yet? Here are the 7 best reasons you should choose Viso Suite.

  1. State-of-the-art technologies will allow you to achieve the highest performance.
  2. Fully managed infrastructure, allowing you to avoid unnecessary development risks.
  3. You don't need to start from scratch, take advantages of standard problems being solved for you.
  4. Highly complex technology made simple and future proof.
  5. Access to use the latest Hardware and Software from Industry Leaders who Partner with Viso.
  6. Avoid the development risk needed 
  7. Make it your own: Change the look and feel of Viso Suite. Add custom Modules to Integrate with everything.

Business Benefits

Industry agnostic
Use the latest AI vision technology to build great things and disrupt your industry. We provide industry leaders and innovators with the tech they need.

All the modules you need
Combine modules into an application. Use existing modules to build and deploy your own applications to Edge hardware or the cloud.

Technology agnostic
Always have the latest tech available. Use any kind and number of cameras, deploy to the Edge or the Cloud. Be able to update at any time.

Scale from day one
Start with a small project and scale to production. Track business-relevant metrics in live dashboards and scheduled reports.

Visual Programming
Build and configure your Computer Vision solutions with a visual Interface. Intuitively set-up automation rules to digitize existing business processes.

Simple Admin controls
Sign up for a workspace, the setup is really easy. Use the visual editor to build an application. You don’t need to code: Load and customize a template.

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