Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set

            What are the Terms and Conditions of signing up for an Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set account?

            Using the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set

            By completing the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) your establishment agrees to the information provided being held and used by Skills for Care (SfC) for reporting on the adult social care workforce in England, in order to provide accurate information regarding skills, employment and workforce demographics.

            This is to reduce the number of vacancies and to encourage new entrants; improve recruitment and retention; increase the numbers of staff with relevant qualifications and skills and to modernise the workforce.

            Storing your data 

            We will store your information in compliance with the principles outlined within the Data Protection Act 1998.  Under the Data Protection Act your establishment and Skills for Care are jointly legally responsible for the information submitted by you and stored within the system.

            Access to information about individual workers is only available to the establishment that has submitted the data and to a small number of key Skills for Care support staff who are responsible for assisting establishment and maintaining the service.


            We accept no responsibility for the quality or integrity of data regarding your establishment held within the service.  Responsibility lies solely with the establishment.  However, as part of our data quality assurance programme we may identify that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) details entered into this service are no longer correct.  These details could be the CQC location ID or your main service dies not match to that held on CQC.

            We will correct any incorrect CQC numbers and/or main service descriptions where we know them to be incorrect.  This is to carry out our duty to ensure that information held is accurate given that we transfer data to CQC on your behalf (with your permission).


            To ensure a secured login and to meet web content accessibility guidelines the service uses two "cookies" (a small file containing letters and number we put on your computer). We use a "session" cookie to help us verify that it is your accessing your account and a "persistent" cookie to remember your text size preference.

            These cookies cannot be used to identify you personally.


            Login credentials (username and password) are assigned to each user and are therefore the responsibility of the individual.  By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to manage your login details securely and not to share your login details with others.  We reserve the right to withdraw login details from any user who engages in unauthorised sharing of login details or personal data, personal sensitive data or commercially sensitive information held within the service.

            Updated: 07 Aug 2019 06:24 PM
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