Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set

            Can I register for an Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set account?

            If you are a business or organisation which provides or organises social care and/or support for at least one person and employs staff you are eligible to register.

            -    What if my address is outside of England?
                 The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set only collects data from Care Providers in England

            -    What if i am not regulated with CQC?
                 So long as you provide social care and employ at least one person you can register. - Support may need to contact you for further evidence.

            -    I am Self - Employed can i have an account?
                 No. At this time individuals that are providing a social care service on a self-employed basis cannot register.

            -    I am an Employee of a care providing organisation, can I register?
                 No.  Individual employees cannot register themselves, it has to be at organisational level.

            -    We provide children's services can we register?
                 Only if you also provide adult services.

            -    I am a training provider can I register?
                 No. The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set is specifically for care and/ or support providers.

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