How Flexi tickets work

How Flexi tickets work

What are Flexi tickets?
Flexi tickets are an individual ticket that you can use in a pay as you go model. You get to keep using the same ticket, and conveniently top it up with trips when your balance runs low.
How can I buy a Flexi ticket?
Not all transport operators support Flexi tickets, but if they do the Flexi ticket will be listed on their ticket listing. You may have already have an email from your transport operator with a link to their ticket listing, and it may also be accessible via their own website. If in doubt, you can speak with your transport operator directly.

How do Flexi tickets work?
Buying a new Flexi ticket will come preloaded with credit for a number of trips, specified by the transport operator. Each time the Flexi ticket is scanned, one trip is deducted from the balance on the ticket. When your balance gets low, ShuttleID will notify you by email reminding you to top up the ticket.

Can I buy multiple Flexi tickets for the same passenger?
You only need to buy one Flexi ticket for one passenger. When the balance gets low or empty, you can top up this same ticket with more credit. This makes it a lot more convenient. If you've bought more than one Flexi ticket by mistake, speak with your transport operator directly - they will be able to void any tickets bought by mistake and transfer balance onto a single Flexi ticket.

How do I find out the balance of my Flexi ticket?
In the "My Tickets" area of the Passenger Portal, your Flexi ticket will be listed and it will display the current trip balance left on the ticket. Please note the balance may have a delay in being updated depending on when your transport operator is able to sync their ticket scan data.

When will I receive notification reminders to top up?
When your trip balance is low (3 trips or less remaining) you will receive a notification by email, reminding you to top up. Please note this feature can be impacted by any delays in your transport operator syncing their ticket scan data. 

How can I top up a Flexi ticket?
In the "My Tickets" area of the Passenger Portal, your Flexi ticket will have a button labelled "Top up". Click this button and you will be asked how many trips you wish to top up by, and for your payment details. 

What happens if the passenger attempts to board with no credit on their ticket?
The ticket scanner will recognise the ticket is out of credit and will inform the driver. The transport operator may refuse travel but this will depend on their individual policy. A trip will still be deducted from the balance, regardless of whether the drivers allows the passenger to travel. To avoid any surprises, it is important your ticket remains in credit and is topped up well in advance of travel. You should aim to top up your balance at least 24 hours before travel to ensure the balance is updated successfully when scanning your ticket.

What happens to credit left on the ticket when the ticket expires?
You will be unable to use your ticket once it expires (check the expiration date on your ticket). In many cases, the Flexi ticket will be offered in a "use it or lose it" model, meaning any credit left on the ticket after it expires will be lost. This makes it important to only top up with the trips necessary, especially when it gets close to the end of term/year. This is the responsibility of the purchaser.

We would encourage you to review the stance of your transport operator by reading their terms and conditions or by contacting them directly.
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