There are several settings you can adjust, but we would advise leaving these on the defaults to start with. All of them except Set Scheduled Check have a simple on or off slider.

Set Scheduled Check - here you choose a date and time for either a single or recurring check (daily or weekly)

GPS Info (default ON) – Sends your GPS location in all messages.

Fingerprint Mode (default OFF) - if your mobile device supports it, this setting can prevent anyone else accessing the app.

Auto Record (default OFF) – A NOT SAFE response will automatically start your mobile device recording audio. Please note this drains the battery quickly when active.

No Response Delay (default OFF) – Delays a message being sent to your Gold Contacts for 60 or 90 minutes*, instead of the default 30 minutes, if you have not responded to a check.

Repeat Check After No Response (default OFF) – Sends a second check 30 minutes after a scheduled or requested check if there has been no response.
*used in conjunction with No Response Delay allows a 90 minute delay before your Gold Contacts are informed of no response. See the No Response section below for more details.