SentLive Support

Setting Scheduled Checks

Whatever Plan you are on, you can set a Scheduled Check, with the number you can receive only limited by how many checks your Plan has (which can be increased with the purchase of an Extra Checks Add On). Scheduled Checks can be set singly, or on a Weekly or Daily recurring basis. To access Scheduled Checks, in the app you need to go to Settings in the app Menu (top left corner), while on the website this is accessed by clicking Settings on the top of the screen.
Once you are in Settings, in the app Scheduled Checks are the first setting on screen, while on the website it is similar while slightly differently laid out. To set a Scheduled Check, simply tap (or click) the calendar icon, and a date picker will appear; select the date you wish to have the check sent to you (or begin in the case of recurring checks), and then a time picker will appear for you to select the time of the check; please note that while you are free to select any time you want, if you have chosen the current day in the date picker, you must select a time that is at least two minutes after the current time to ensure your check is saved properly. Following the time selection you will then see four choices presented; Daily, Weekly or Single Check, and Cancel (if you do not wish to set at that time). If Daily or Weekly is selected, you will then be asked to select an end date for your checks; please bear in mind how many checks you have available in your Plan when doing so, as you will be able to set whatever you want, but should the checks in your Plan run out before the end date set, the checks set after that will not arrive, unless you purchase more.
Once the Checks have been set, you will be able to both view and delete them by tapping the 'View Scheduled Checks' link immediately below where you set them; there is also a reminder of your next Scheduled Check on the Home screen of the app, below the Big Blue Button. Please note that any Checks will only be sent to the app, although you can respond to them in both the app and the website.