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Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Parental Consent

You can find all of these on our website, with the first two at the following links: Privacy Policy, Terms ofUse.

Parental Consent is a form that you need to download if you have a child under 13 that you want to register and use the SentLive service. To get the form, please go to the website and click on the Consent Form link at the bottom of the page, which will open a dialogue box asking where you wish to download the file to. You can give parental consent in two other ways however; firstly, if you as the parent or legal guardian have invited the child to download and register with the app by adding them to your Contacts in the app; or secondly by purchasing a plan on the child's app using your credit or debit card. Both of these are deemed as parental consent for the child to use the SentLive service. If you are not happy about your child being registered with SentLive, perhaps without your knowledge, please contact us with the details specified on the consent form and we will carry out your wishes. However, please be aware that the only users of the SentLive service who can see your child's details are those who have been invited by them, who would already be in your child's mobile device or computer. How we use any user's details is clearly stated in our Privacy Policy, and children under 13 will only receive information from SentLive itself, and never any advertising from third parties that we have arrangements with, unless the child actively clicks on a link in one of our messages, and signs up to something else subsequently.