SentLive Support

Plans & Add Ons

There are four Plans you can purchase to continue using our full service after the one month trial, with prices starting at £19.99, but you will still receive notifications about your Contacts if you decide not to buy, and will be able to respond to Request A Checks from others. Go to Plans & Add Ons in the menu, and select the Plan you prefer - they all run for 12 months and offer an increasing number of checks. In addition there are a selection of Add Ons you can choose from if you wish (see the FAQs in this knowledge base), although you cannot purchase Add Ons unless you have a current Plan. Once you have made your selection, tap or click the relevant confirmation buttons to proceed to the payment screen; you can cancel your order at any point up until you submit your payment details. Once the transaction is complete, your SentLive account will have immediately been credited with your purchase, and other details updated, which you can check in your profile, available via the app menu, or service summary, available on the Home screen in the app or Dashboard in the website.