SentLive Support

Navigating the Website

This article refers to the various parts of the SentLive website when a user is registered and logged in.

The first page you will see after logging in is Home; this is almost the same as the page you will have just left, except that it has links throughout to the other parts of the site, plus explanations of those other pages. You will rarely need to go to this page, except as a brief guide to the site. As with every other page though, at the top is the Menu, with links to the other pages on the site, and at the bottom is links to our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use, a Contact Us page, and our social media accounts. Just above that, also featured on most pages, is our current or upcoming promotion(s).

Next on the menu is the Dashboard; this is the heart of the SentLive service. It features the Big Blue Button, a summary of your Service, your Profile, and a link to any unread Notifications.

Your Contacts are on the next page, split into Gold, Silver and Bronze. You can edit and delete existing Contacts, move Contacts from Silver to Gold, and add new Contacts on this page.

Next is the Settings page, probably the second most important on the site; here you can set Scheduled Checks, view your check schedule, and turn on or off the other settings.

Following that is the Notifications page, where any messages, checks, alerts and purchases related to your account by either you, your Contacts or SentLive are listed. These can be filtered by date, type of message and/or who sent them, however they cannot be deleted here - that can only be carried out on the app.

The Help page is next, with a guide and FAQ about the whole service, most, if not all of which can also be found here.

Plans & Add Ons is where you would head to make a purchase (also available in the apps). This might be to buy or renew a plan, or one of our Add Ons; just remember that all purchases are valid for one year, either from the date of purchase, or from the end of your current plan.

After that is another link to our Contact Us page, a simple form for you to fill out with any comments or queries; we are very keen to hear from our customers, so please make use of all the avenues we have provided to get in touch with us, which also includes this Help resource, our Facebook page, email and other social networks.

The final menu link is to Promotions, which as mentioned are also on most pages of our website.

The only other link, in the top right corner, is to Logout from SentLive. But we hope you never do that!