SentLive Support

Navigating the Apps

Both the Android and the iOS apps are virtually identical, with only minor differences due to how the actual operating systems function.

When you first install the app, you will see a 'splash' screen with the SentLive logo and tag line, which is followed automatically by a Tutorial, starting with a screen titled How To Register. There are five screens in the tutorial with the other four being Adding Contacts, Using The App, Plans & Add Ons, and Settings. You swipe left to access the next screen; on iOS when you reach Settings and swipe again you will go back to How To Register, but on Android it won't. Both versions allow you to swipe right to go back to the previous screen, except on the first screen. In the top right of each of the Tutorial screens it says Register, and you must tap this to move away from the Tutorial. Please note that once you have registered with SentLive, the next time you open the app you will see the Log In screen, if you had previously logged out. However the Tutorial is still available within the app by tapping the Help link in the app menu.

When you see the Register screen, fill in the required fields, tick the box next to the 'I agree to the Terms & Conditions', and then tap Submit. If the system detects any errors a message will appear, and you will need to correct it, and Submit again. The Register screen should also only appear to you once if you have registered (unless you change phone number and phone), but if it appears subsequently, firstly, please tell us, and secondly, scroll to the bottom and under the Submit button you will find 'Already have an account? Login' - tap the Login link which will take you to the Login screen. 

Once the Registration has gone through, you will be taken to a screen that you should never see again; this is a security feature, and you will be asked to enter a 4 digit number, called a One Time Password, OTP for short. This should have arrived via SMS shortly after registering. Enter the number and you will proceed to the next screen. From that first time onwards, when you open the app you should either see the screen you were last using, or if you had logged out, the LogIn screen. Using the email address and password you registered with, fill in the relevant boxes; to avoid having to do this again, tick the box with 'Remember me' next to it. Then tap LOGIN. If you have made any typing error the system will warn you, so please make sure the details have been entered correctly. If you have forgotten your password there is also a link to deal with that as well. Alternatively, if you have a Facebook or Google account linked to the email address you registered with, tap the relevant icon and you will be logged in. 

Following the OTP verification screen, you will see another screen that only appears automatically on first login; the Invite Contacts screen. You are presented with a list of all the contacts that are present in your device, each with a little unticked box next to them. You now have three choices; individually select the contacts that you would like to be included in your SentLive Contacts, use the Select All box at the top (and remove any you don't want to include), or Skip this step. This screen is available again from the Menu; however if you don't have any Contacts in the app, your Safe or Not Safe messages will not go anywhere.

The next screen you see will be the Home screen; this contains the Big Blue Button, your Service Summary, a link to Share Feedback, and in the top left (as with all screens) a little circle with lines across it; this is the Menu. Tap the circle and the Menu appears from the left.

The Menu has all the screens available to you listed, but thats not all; it also has your account Profile at the top. Tap the circle and My Profile will appear. This will show the details you registered with, plus details of your Plan and other information. You can Edit your details and add a profile photo here by tapping the icon in the top right. You can also change your password here.

Going back to the Menu, and you will see it has seven more items; Contacts, Notifications, Settings, Plans & Add Ons, Invite Contacts, Help, and Logout. We will briefly go through each of these here.

Contacts - this lists the Contacts you have added to the app, in three groups; Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Please see the article What is SentLive? for more information on these groups. In the top right there is an icon - tap this to refresh the list; this may be needed sometimes if you have only just added some contacts.

Notifications - this is where any messages, checks, alerts and purchases related to your account by either you, your Contacts or SentLive are listed. These can be filtered by date, type of message and/or who sent them, and is the only place that you can delete them if you want to.

Settings - here you can set Scheduled Checks, view your check schedule, and turn on or off the other settings.

Plans & Add Ons - this is where you would head to make a purchase (also available in the website). This might be to buy or renew a plan, or one of our Add Ons; just remember that all purchases are valid for one year, either from the date of purchase, or from the end of your current plan.

Invite Contacts - as described above, you can at any time add new contacts to the app.

Help - also described above, this is the Tutorial screens you see when you first install the app; the only difference is that there is no Register link here.

Logout - self explanatory, but also rarely needed, as we advise all users to remain logged in to get the most benefit from the service. 'Closing' the app on your phone will not log you out, and you will continue to receive checks, alerts and any other messages from the app; logging out will, however, stop you from receiving them.