SentLive Support

How to use the app in Trial Mode, and the Big Blue Button

Once you have registered you will be in Trial Mode, and the ten free checks can be used to inform your Silver and Gold contacts (when you have some) of your status – Safe or Not Safe – whenever you want. You can also choose to set Scheduled Checks from SentLive that will ask 'Are you OK?', requiring a response via the app or website, and these can be scheduled in the Settings page. Whether you have set scheduled checks or just want to let your Contacts know your status, simply tap the big blue button on the Home screen of the app to send a Safe alert (button turns green, only Gold Contacts receive Safe message)), or tap and hold to tell them you are Not Safe (button turns red, Gold and Silver Contacts alerted). If you have set Scheduled Checks (or receive a Request A Check from another user) and do not respond, a NO RESPONSE message will be sent to your Gold Contacts (Please refer to the No Response section in this knowledge base for details of when this message is sent, and how the Settings you choose can change when it is sent).