SentLive Support

How to Register

Registration is FREE; You can do so through our website or via the app which can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App stores. You get a welcome gift of 10 free checks and a Trial Plan that lasts one month when you register. To register, simply tap Register at the top right of the Tutorial screens of the app that appear when you first install it (or Register on the Log In screen thereafter), or click Register Free on our website, and then enter the details requested (Please note that if an email address or mobile phone number has already been used for another registration, you will get a warning message and will not be able to register again with those details. If you believe that somebody has used your contact details to register without your consent, please contact us on Tap the Submit button in the app or the website, and then you will be taken to a screen to enter a One Time Passcode (OTP); within a short time a text message will arrive on your mobile device with the OTP to enter into the app or website; once entered your registration is complete and an email will arrive with details of your registration. Please note that there is an option to 'Remember Me' on the Log In screen (a small tick box under the password)  so that if you log out, the next time your email and password will appear automatically. If your mobile device supports it, there is also an option in the Settings to require you to use your fingerprint to open the app. This is a security option that you can choose to use; it is not compulsory.

You will then have the option to select the contacts you wish to be added to your SentLive Contacts list, who you would like to be informed of your safety status. This process is slightly different depending on whether you are using the app or the website, and some people may wish to use both methods. You can invite new contacts at any time, so can skip this step if you wish, but you will not be able to use the service if there are no contacts added to your account. Contacts that you invite will receive a text message, and an email, with links to download the SentLive app. There will also be a brief explanation about the SentLive service in the email. These contacts will be your Bronze Contacts until they download the app and register with us, and then they will become your Silver Contacts; you may already have some Silver Contacts when you first register, who are people in your phone who have already registered with SentLive. Once you have some Silver Contacts, you can opt to select up to five of them as your Gold Contacts; your Gold Contacts will receive all of the notifications generated while you are using the app, while those in your Silver Contacts will only get notified if you send a Not Safe alert.