SentLive Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plans, Add Ons & Promotions

  1. What are the current Plans available to use SentLive and how much do they cost?
    Relax Plan (380 checks)  - £49.99
    Calm Plan (200 checks) - £39.99
    Cool Plan (100 checks) - £29.99
    Easy Plan (60 checks) - £19.99
    All the plans are valid for 12 months; if you purchase another Plan while your existing Plan is still running, you will get instant access to the Checks purchased, and the validity of your Plan will be extended by 12 months.
  1. What are the current Add Ons available and how much do they cost?
    3 Extra Checks - £0.99
    10 Extra Checks - £3.99
    20 Extra Checks - £5.99
    30 Extra Checks - £8.99
    Extra Gold Contacts (5 More) - £2.99
    All Checks in your account expire at the end of the subscription period, but get carried over if your subscription is renewed, or you receive a bonus subscription when one of your contacts subscribes.

  2. Can you explain the bonus plan promotion?
    You get a FREE year’s renewal of your plan for every one of your Gold contacts that also purchases a plan within the promotion period, so potentially you can have the SentLive service for an additional FIVE years, absolutely FREE! Contacts that have already bought a plan when you add them do not count for this offer. If you also purchase the Extra Gold Contacts add on, then you can potentially get an additional TEN years of free plans in total. Please note that this offer will only be running until 31st December 2020, although there may be other opportunities in the future.

  3. What if one of my Contacts buys a plan while I am in Trial Mode?
    In Trial Mode, if any of your Gold contacts buys a plan, you will not receive the bonus year as you have not already purchased a plan. If you subsequently do, you will not be eligible for a bonus year from any of your Gold Contacts that already bought a plan, so why not buy one now!

  4. Can I change my Gold Contacts to benefit from the bonus plan promotion?
    You are welcome to change your Gold Contacts at any time; if you add someone who has not already bought a plan who subsequently does while the bonus year offer is running, then you will get a free year of your existing plan. Please note that the maximum number of bonus years you can receive is five, unless you also purchase the Extra Gold Contacts add on, in which case this maximum is raised to ten.

  5. What if a Contact is on more than one users Gold Contact’s list - do they all receive the bonus year when that Contact buys a plan?
    Yes; every user with a plan who has a Gold Contact that buys a plan will receive a free year’s plan, as long as they have not already reached the maximum allowed and the offer is still running.

Registration and Log In

  1. I did not get an email when I registered; what do I do now?
    Please check your Spam or Junk folder - our email has almost certainly been sent there by your email provider. To avoid this happening, please add our email address,, to your address book or similar in all your devices and/or email accounts.

  2. I have forgotten my password; what do I do?
    Please tap the ‘Forgotten Password?’ link on the Log in screen; this will generate a message with a new password. You can change your password at any time on the SentLive website.

  3. I have changed my device/phone number/email address - what do I do?
    Your email address is your ‘username’ with SentLive, so if you have changed it, please log in to the app or our website using the details you registered with, and then go to your Profile page. You can edit all your details there, including changing your phone number, email address and password. With a new device (phone or tablet), if you have transferred everything from your old device then you don’t have to do anything, but if not, simply download the app again and log in. All your settings and information will still be there. 

  4. What if my device stops working or the battery dies?
    If you need to send a response to us, but your device isn’t working, this can also be done through our website, if you have access to another device; however, if you do not, any check sent to you will generate a NO RESPONSE message, sent to your Contacts with your last known GPS location.

Using The App

  1. I am having trouble using the app; where can I get some help?
    The information in this guide should cover everything you need to know; however if you cannot find the solution to your problem here, there are a couple of simple things you can try to fix a problem.
    1. Check that your device is connected to the internet.
    2. Try turning your device off, and then back on, and try using the app again.
    3. If 1 or 2 did not solve the problem, try deleting the app from your device and downloading it again; if you are already registered with SentLive you will not lose any information. Simply log into the app, and try again.
    4. In the unlikely event that none of the above solve the problem, please email us on with the details of your problem - please include the make and model of your device and the operating system (e.g. iPhone 6 iOS 7) as well as a description of what you are trying to do, and what happens when you try to do it.

  2. What if I accidentally send a NOT SAFE alert?
    As soon as you realise that you have wrongly sent a NOT SAFE alert, immediately tap the button again to send a SAFE alert to cancel the previous alert. If you want to check what alert you have sent and when, look at the log on the Messages screen.

  3. What happens if I am a subscriber and a Contact for another subscriber?
    As well as receiving and responding to your own regular checks, you will get status updates relating to the subscriber who has added you as a contact; these messages will be alerted to you in the same way that your own regular checks are, and are logged in the Messages screen and on our website. Anyone who is a Gold Contact receives all notifications, while Silver Contacts will only receive Not Safe messages.

  4. What happens if one of my contacts rejects being a contact, or changes their mind/cannot continue later?
    When you register, the people you invite to be your Contacts will be sent a text message and an email, inviting them to download and register with SentLive. If they do not do so, they will remain as Bronze Contacts, but if they do at any time they become Silver Contacts. If an existing contact is unable to continue for any reason, you can remove them from your lists by deleting them in either the app or the website.

  5. Why are some of my Scheduled Checks arriving later than I set?
    This is normally due to a slow internet connection or insufficient bandwidth availability; this is generally only temporary but if you are encountering this frequently you should contact your internet service provider (ISP).

  6. Do I need an internet connection to use SentLive?
    Yes - your mobile device must have either a WiFi or data (normally 3G/4G/5G) connection to send and receive checks and alerts.

  7. Does it cost me anything to send and receive notifications?
    This will depend on two things; how you are connected to the internet, and what the data plan for your device is. If you connect via WiFi, it will not cost you anything. If you connect via data, for example 4G, and have a very high or unlimited data plan on your device, it will not cost you anything; however if you have a data plan where you pay depending on how much data you use then there will be a cost. However the notifications only use a tiny amount of data, so the cost, if any is also very small. It will be higher if you are in another country unless you have a plan to cover roaming costs.

  8. Can I use the SentLive app with my account on another mobile device?
    Yes you can, but there are a couple of things to bear in mind; you will obviously need to have the app installed on the other device, and you will need an internet connection, plus if it is somebody else's device, they will need to be logged out of SentLive before you can log in. We do not recommend trying to log in to your account in the app installed on someone else’s device as it could lead to unexpected behaviour and data loss, but if you do you must ensure that you log out once you have finished. SentLive will not be held responsible if you ignore this warning. What we recommend, if you are unable to use your own device, is logging in to our website, which can be done from any device connected to the internet.

Data, Privacy, and Children

  1. What personal data do you collect and store?
    We collect and store the following information:
  2. Your Name.
  3. Your E-mail Address.
  4. Your mobile phone number.
  5. Your Date Of Birth.
  6. The information for the Contacts you add; Name, E-mail Address, Mobile Phone Number, and Relationship.
  7. All Data relating to usage of the Sentlive App and Service, including but not restricted to GPS Location, Frequency of Use, Dates and Times of Use, Purchases,Credit/Debit Card Details, Messages and Notifications, App Settings, Type/Make of Mobile and Desktop Devices and Types of Browser used to access the service.
    You can find more details regarding privacy and data use in our Privacy Policy, and Terms Of Use

  8. What is this data used for?
    The major use of any data collected is to operate and improve the service; we will also analyse the data to improve our marketing and promotional efforts. In the future we hope to partner with third parties who will allow us to both inform their customers about our service, and allow them to offer their products or services to our users, although our aim is to only partner with companies offering quality and good value, specially tailored to our users. We will also aim to ensure that our users will always have the option not to receive such information, or can stop receiving it after previously opting to do so. Again, more details regarding privacy and data use are in our Privacy Policy, and Terms Of Use

  9. Am I going to be bombarded by e-mails?
    SentLive know how annoying this can be, and you can be assured that the only e-mails you will receive from us will either be directly related to our service (e.g. confirming your registration with details) or informing you of changes or promotions. If we do partner with any third parties to offer our users special offers of their products or services, the first e-mail will be from us telling you about it, which you would then need to click a link in that email to get further details, and then opt in to the third party's e-mails should you so choose. These links to the special offers may also appear in subsequent SentLive e-mails, but only so our users don't have to search through their Inbox to find the original email, or in case they had deleted it and then changed their mind.

  10. I would like my children to use the SentLive service - is there any special procedure for them to do so?
    SentLive are keen to comply with the laws in place regarding data privacy, and in particular in relation to children. We also want to ensure that the internet, and in particular our service, is a safe place for children. We believe our service is particularly useful for children and their parents, but we have to ensure that any children registering who are 13 or under have their parents permission. There are three ways this can be achieved; firstly, if a parent has already registered with SentLive and invites their child in the app or website to also register (the parent would need to select the relevant Relationship status to indicate that it is their son or daughter); secondly, we offer a Parental Consent form that can be downloaded, filled in and sent back to us (also available if you email or contact us through the website or app); and thirdly, a parent can give consent by purchasing a plan for their child using their credit or debit card - this must be done via either the app or the website when logged in to the child's account.