SentLive Support


Your Contacts must have registered, installed the app and logged in to the app on their mobile device before they will receive notifications of your safety status. If you have not yet invited any Contacts, and no one in your digital address book has registered with SentLIve, then your Contacts will be empty. The easiest way to Invite Contacts is by using the app, but you can also do so on the website. The procedure is slightly different to the app, although any added in the app will also appear here, and vice versa. Navigate to the Contacts page and then click on the folder with the plus sign to the right of the word ‘Contacts’; this opens the Add Contacts page. Here you add contacts by simply typing each one in, and this is really only a suitable method for a few contacts, and we recommend using the app for this purpose.

To add contacts in the app you select the Invite Contacts option on the menu, and after a few seconds all the contacts in your phone will be listed; you may also see a screen popup asking permission for the app to access your contacts if you have not already given that permission - if you say no to this then you will not be able to proceed. Assuming permission has been given, you can then either select contacts individually by tapping the selection box next to their listing (tap it again to deselect), or you can select all of your contacts at once by tapping the Select All selection box.  If you use the Select All option you can also then deselect individual contacts if you wish. Once you are happy with your selection there is a Send link in the top right; tap it and an invitation will be sent to your selected contacts by SMS and email. Please note that if any of the selected contacts mobile phone numbers or email addresses are incorrect, outdated or missing they may not receive these invitations, so we would recommend checking beforehand. Anyone who wants to use the SentLive service must have both a mobile phone number and an email address. The invited contacts will be found under Bronze Contacts within the Contacts screen of both the app and the website. They will move automatically into Silver Contacts when they register with SentLive, and then will be available to be selected by you to be Gold Contacts. The included number of Gold Contacts you may have is five; this can be increased to ten by purchasing a Plan and the Extra Gold Contacts add on. More details about the Plans and Add Ons can be found in this knowledge base and on the Plans & Add Ons purchase page of both the website and the app.