Cabinet Material

Cabinet Material

At Ritherdon we only manufacture our cabinets from stainless steel, as it is far stronger, more durable and vandal resistant than GRP.

However, we do vary the grade of stainless steel that we use, based on customer requirements. The three grades we use are as follow:
  1. 4003 Grade - This grade is the most common that we manufacture from, and the least costly. This grade should be always be chosen unless the cabinet will be placed within 1 mile of the coast.
  2. 304 Grade - This grade is more corrosion resistant than 4003, and should be used when the cabinet will be situated within 1 mile of the coast.
  3. 316 Grade - This is marine grade stainless steel, the most corrosion resistant out of our range, however it is the most costly. This grade should be used when the cabinet will be situated on the coast.
Cabinets made using 304 and 316 grades stainless steel are available in unpainted natural finish, however cabinets made using 4003 grade stainless steel are not, as this grade is prone to staining.

All of the cabinets on our webshop are sold in 4003 grade by default. To order a cabinet in 304 and 316 grade, please get in touch.

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