What is CWA grading system?

What is CWA grading system?

Year Weighted Average (CWA) is same as that of GPA, only difference is that instead of grades, marks are used in CWA. It is calculated by taking a student’s average of results (given a final percentage mark) for all subjects in a year. The calculation is based on the mark and value of the credit weighting. 
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    • How does the CWA grading system works?

      Calculation is same as that of GPA, only difference is that instead of grades, marks are used in CWA.The CWA grading system works with the following calculation. Take an example. Code Subject Credit Hours Marks Remarks BBA1 Financial accounting 3 77 ...
    • How can I set up CWA grading system for my institution?

      You can select the types of grading systems that will be used by your institution in the Configuration page. Click the module access icon > Administration > Settings > General Settings to open the Configuration page. Select CWA as the grading system. ...
    • What is the use of grading system in examination module? How to set grading system?

      The grading system is needed for the report generation for the examination conducted. Here GPA(Grade Point Average), CWA(Year Weighted Average),  CCE (only for institutes following CBSE, India format) and ICSE (for institutes follow ICSE, India) are ...
    • What is Normal grading system?

      nstitutions that do not follow a specific grading system can use the default ‘Normal’ grading system.  The Normal grading system enables institutions to evaluate a student’s performance and award students Marks, Grades, or Marks and Grades.  A ...
    • How to assign grading system to Years?

      While creating a Year there is an option to select a grading type. Choose the grading type and save as shown. The selected grading system is applicable to the specified Year.