Pre-Requisites For the Zoom Integration

Pre-Requisites For the Zoom Integration

There are few pre-requisite before you can integrate zoom to the portal. They are as follows-

  • Enable the online meeting plugin for your instance. ( If you don't have the plugin please contact your Account Manager).
  • In the school instance URL, activate the URL.

  • Purchase a minimum PRO zoom account.
    • From zoom, marketplace get your API key and API secret. ( Get detailed instruction below)
    • Get the Zoom web hook token from the Zoom marketplace. ( Get detailed instruction below)
This is not a mandatory step. Enable this only if you want to record all your meetings in the cloud and playback whenever you need it. Or to get the list of participants who attended the meeting.

How to get Zoom API Key and API Secret

  1. Go to and sign in using your zoom credentials.
  2. Go to Build App  >> JWT >> App Credential >> Copy the API Key and API Secret

How to get Zoom Web Hook Token


  1. Go to sign in using your credentials.
  2. Go to Build App  >> JWT >> Feature >> Add new Event Subscription.

To add new Event Subscriptions

  1. Add new Event Subscriptions.


    2. Update - Create two events - one for recordings and other to get the list of participants.


Subscription NameEvent Notification endpoint URLEvent TypesPurpose
Recording completed Event.http<s>://<>/online_meeting_rooms/recording_done_callback?meeting_target_type=zoomRecordings >> All Recordings have completedTo get Recordings of completed meetings
Meeting Endedhttp<s>://<>/online_meeting_rooms/meeting_ended_callback?meeting_target_type=zoomMeeting >> End MeetingTo get participants list

1. To get the recordings

  • Subscription name as - Recording completed Event. [ .]
  • Event notification endpoint URL as http<s>://<>/online_meeting_rooms/recording_done_callback?meeting_target_type=zoom



  • Event Type as Recordings >> All Recordings have completed.

2. To get Participant List

  • Subscription name as - Meeting Ended 
  • Event notification endpoint URL as http<s>://<>/online_meeting_rooms/meeting_ended_callback?meeting_target_type=zoom
  •  Event type as Meeting >> End Meeting

Now Copy the token generated. This is the Zoom webhook Token.

                This enables recording in the cloud and all the zoom recordings can be accessed, provided you record the meeting.

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