Paybooks Integration

Paybooks Integration

You can now use paybooks to handle payroll and payslip-related details. Once enabled, payroll generation will be through paybooks.

Paybooks plugin can be found under the Human Resource module


         To enable the Paybooks application, navigate to HR management -> select “Paybooks"

             1) Paybooks settings

             2) Bulk Sync

             3) Sync Logs

             4) LOP Management


1) Paybooks settings 

Home > HR > Paybooks > Paybooks Settings 

Initially, the Paybook setting has to be done. Here the following fields have to be configured which will be provided at the time of purchasing the Paybooks plugin from Fedena. All the employee departments are listed in the school/college and you can check/uncheck the departments which have to be synced.

2) Bulk Sync

Home > HR > Paybooks > Bulk Sync 

Once the setting is completed, you can check for the departments that will be synced and when the bulk sync is run the employees in Fedena will be synced to Paybooks.

3) Sync Logs

Home > HR > Paybooks > Sync Logs 

Here you can check for the sync status. If the synch status is incomplete click on completed with error.

Make sure that the employee id is updated when an employee is synced to Paybooks.

4) LOP Management

The leave management page in the plugin manages the leaves that are created in Fedena have to be synced where the date range is selected and the leave data after confirmation is sent to Paybooks.

Once the employees have been synced to Paybooks all the details can be found in Paybooks and click on the employees and fill in all the details.

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