How to create Exam Planners?

How to create Exam Planners?

Exam planner allows you to organize an academic year as different terms and to assign different exams across these terms. Once the design is created these planners are assigned to all the classes that follow the same exam pattern.

Different steps involved –

  • Create exam planner
  • Add Exams for the academic year
  • Customize the grade book look and feel
  • Manage classes or link Years to the planner
  • Generate the report

Create Exam Planner

  • Go to Exam planner in Gradebook module

                        Menu >> Academics >> Gradebook >> Exam Planners

  • Choose the correct academic year.
  • Select - Create an exam plan
  • Create the exam planner by giving an appropriate planner name and specifying the number of terms and duration of each term in the academic year.

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