How to create attribute profile

How to create attribute profile

Attributes are the parameters/Skills, based on which the subject mark is calculated. For example, worksheets, activities done in class, home works submitted etc. are attributes based on which the total mark of a subject might be calculated.

The total mark of a subject can either be the - Sum, Average or Best of the attributes.


You can use the same attribute profile for all the subjects or use different attribute profile for each subject.

The bifurcations will be available to teachers while submitting the marks for a subject.

Note that Attributes are not visible if we are generating a term report or planner report, but would be visible when an exam report is generated.

Attribute profile  needs to be created only if the school uses such bifurcation while calculating the total marks. In case such sub divisions are not present in your school you can ignore the attribute profile creation.

Steps to create Attribute Profile - 

i) Menu >> Academics >> Gradebook >> Settings >> Attribute Profiles - > Create Attribute Profile

ii) Click on Add Attributes -> Create Attributes by providing Maximum marks


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