Grading Setting Steps

Grading Setting Steps

Grade book    

  • Complete the settings: Add all attributes, activities, Grading scale and remarks as per your report cards
  • Create the planner. Multiple planners need to be created if exam pattern is different
  • Link the planner with classes: Home >Grade book >Exam Planner > Select Planner > Add Grades
  • Update Report card settings: Home >Grade book >Exam Planner > Select Planner > More > Student Report card Settings
  • Schedule exam: Home > Gradebook > Manage Gradebook > Select Manage exam for course > Slect Manage exam for respective exam > Schedule exam for subject exams. There will be an option to active exam for non subject exams.
  • Enter Marks from different subject teacher profile
  • Generate exam wise/term wise/ planner wise report cards
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