Year & Class for K-12 and Higher Education

Year & Class for K-12 and Higher Education

In Raising Foundation, an institution may be classified into higher education (colleges and universities) and K-12 education. Within these groups, there may be different terminologies surrounding what the students study. For example, a Year is the study of a particular topic in an institution which when completed, qualifies the student to be a graduate and a class is a group of students who complete a specific Year over a period of time through different sections, terms or semesters.

1) Universities and Colleges

Let’s first look at how years are typically structured in universities and colleges. Universities and colleges usually offer multiple years, with each one divided into semesters or terms. Every year a new class of students is admitted into the year of their choice. When a class of students are admitted, the students begin learning in the first semester or term. Once the students complete a term, they move on to the next one and once they have complete all the required terms, they are deemed eligible for graduation. Now let's look at an example of how a particular scenario can be configured in Raising Foundation.

A university/college offers the Year named Master of Business Administration (MBA), which has four semesters. You would then start by creating the year by the name ‘Master of Business Administration’, adding the section name ‘Semester 1’ and the year code ‘MBA - Semester 1’. After entering the other required details, you must enter the class details. There are a couple of different ways to name a class. Since each year a new class of students is admitted, the class name can either be the year students are enrolled, for example, ‘2014’, or the duration of the year, for example, ‘2014 – 2016’. Also, something to keep in mind when entering a class name is that all class names are automatically prefixed with the year code. Here is what we have so far:

Once all the details have been entered into Raising Foundation and the year is created, you will see the full year name as ‘Year 1’ (Full Year name = Year name + Section name), as seen in the image below.

When you click on the Year name, the initial Class created is displayed with the full class name (Full Class name = year code + Class  name), as seen in the image below.


The same process must be followed to create the rest of the semesters. You can create as many Classes as required with respect to that particular Year group 

Now let’s look at the process of admitting the next Class of students into the Year 1 Group. When admitting the next class for the following year, you will start by creating a Class by the name ‘Y2 -19/20 Class B’  in the year group 1 as seen in the image below 

Similarly, We can create Multiple Classes for an individual year Group. 

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