Can i cancel my order?

Can i cancel my order?

Depending on the status of your order, you can cancel your order. After an order has been placed, the order is divided among various partners of us. As long as they have not yet picked the partial orders, we can cancel the order. Otherwise, you can choose to claim your right of withdrawal after having received your order.
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    • What does the status of my order mean?

      When your order has been paid for and activated, you will receive an order confirmation. If your order is complete, your order will receive a confirmation aswell, your order will be given the status complete. If you were logged in while ordering, you ...
    • What is the status of my order?

      If you were logged in when placing your order, you can find the status of your order on your account page on our website. Regardless of whether you were logged in, we will send you an email once your order has been shipped.
    • Can I place an order offline?

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to place an order by telephone or email. It is always possible to place an order in our store in Haarlem or Leiden together with our store employee.
    • Can anything be added or removed from my order?

      Unfortunately it is not possible to make changes to placed orders. After your order has been placed, it will be processed at multiple locations in the Netherlands, so it is not possible to make adjustments.
    • Why don't I see an order button or price?

      If you do not see an order button or price for an item, we do not have that item in stock at the moment and unfortunately you cannot order it. You can add the item to your wish list. You will be automatically notified as soon as we have the item back ...