How to: Generate a high-resolution screenshot from CODI

How to: Generate a high-resolution screenshot from CODI

The CODI platform does provide a snapshot function to take a screenshot of the current field of view and save it either to the cloud or a local disk.

However, the "resolution" of the screenshot is determined by the monitor being used. To generate a higher resolution screenshot using the proposed trick, you need to:
  1. Press F12 to open the DevTools in Chrome.
  2. Click on Toggle device toolbar  and click on Dimension: Responsive .
  3. Click on Edit... and then click on Add custom device....
  4. Create a new device with desired size and device pixel ratio (the final "resolution" would be width/height x DPR). Here is an example to duplicate an 8k monitor:

  5. Click on Dimension: Responsive again and switch to the new device.
  6. [important] Scroll in and out in the simulated viewport to update the scale bar.
  7. Click on more option  and click on Capture full size screenshot to do a snapshot. Once the capture is finished, the screenshot will be automatedly downloaded as a PNG file.

Note that if you are taking screenshots using this method, the entire CODI interface will be displayed. You may remove parts of the interface by pressing Hide menus .
Please avoid creating an extremely high-resolution device as increasing the pixel count often results in a longer acquisition time, and sometimes can even result in a crash of the browser. 

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