Royal Mail Pro Shipping with One Stop Order Processing

Royal Mail Pro Shipping with One Stop Order Processing

This feature is available in the Professional, Premium and Managed version of One Stop Order Processing

This guide will show you how to create a file containing your orders in a format that can be easily imported into Royal Mail Pro Shipping. You will need a copy of One Stop Order Processing, click here to download the free trial. You will also need a�Royal Mail Pro Shipping account, click here to apply.

Importing the view

1. Click the customize current view button�

2. Click Import�

3. import the attached.MEV file�

Personalising your view�

You are able to personalise your view to enable you to make the importing process much faster. Below are some of the fields that can be personalised.

�- Service code
�- Service Format
�- Description of Goods

Generating your order file

1. Tick the orders that you would like to export to Pro Shipping

2. Click the Green export button�

A file will then be generated in the file location c:\OSOP which you will be able to import into your Pro Shipping account.�