Other Features Introduced in V2.0.0.41

Other Features Introduced in V2.0.0.41

. New macro added to show Original SKU before being mapped ([%ITEM_ORIG_SKU%])

. [%ITEM_HARMON_CODE%] added for product export tariff codes

. Speed of Courier label printing improved (that can now be printed in batches)

. Showing Stock Log update speed improved

. Print sequential label ID onto courier label by using [%COURIER_LABEL_ID%] macro

. Macros added to show today's and tomorrow's date in emails, invoices, Click and Drop labels etc.,
. Shortcuts added to Product Management (F2 to Edit field on screen, F3 to Find an item, F5 to Refresh, Ctrl N for new product, Ctrl O to view a product, Delete key to remove product)
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