My invoices don't print correctly

My invoices don't print correctly

The following guide explains what to do if your invoices are not printing to the correct dimensions.

This feature is available in the Lite, Professional, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions of One Stop Order Processing.

If your invoices are printed too large, too small or don't show images if you use the following procedure to setup the layout correctly.

1. Close One Stop Order Processing.

2. Run Microsoft Internet Explorer (type Windows Key and the R key, then type iexplore and press Enter).

3. To the right of the tabs click the right mouse button and select Menu bar.

4. Select the File->Page Setup menu option.

5. Make sure Print background colours and images is ticked.

6. Make sure Enable shrink to Fit is ticked.

7. Set the Left, Right, Top and Bottom margins to 19

8. Click OK.

9. Close Microsoft Internet Explorer

10. Restart One Stop Order Processing.