Multi-user Access for One Stop Order Processing

Multi-user Access for One Stop Order Processing

Multi-User Access

You can install and use One Stop Order Processing on up to 10 PCs at the same time.

NOTE: Each different PC used to connect to the same website (database) will need a separate license for full use.

There are certain requirements (and limitations). These are described below:

1. All PCs must have the relevant security access to the main PC. If you do not have the required access a message will be displayed by One Stop Order Processing when selecting the remote site. You should consult your System Administrator if you do not have remote access to the main PCs directory.

2. Ideally you should divide the orders to process across the remote machines. If more than 1 person processes the same order, changes made by one user may overwrite changes from another.

Once the remote site has been selected One Stop Order Processing will continue to use the selected site (i.e. you won't need to re-select the site each time that you start One Stop Order Processing).