Is there any information that I can provide to IT support about the software?

Is there any information that I can provide to IT support about the software?

1 The Entire product is installed and operates under C:\OSOP (by default) on the PC. For complete backups you should use this folder. The software does provide, automated order data backup (which can be at a remote location, if specified).

2 You can save all the software settings to a file under the House Keeping->Backup->Save Settings (and can be restored using the Restore Settings menu option). The settings file can be backup up.

3 The system stores all the order information in a central Microsoft Access database. Each database (site) can manage up to (approximately) 400,000 orders. However, for improved performance you should either archive older orders to another site or delete them. The system can automatically archive orders older than a fixed amount of time. All archived orders can easy be viewed and searched as the main orders.

4 The software has built in features to verify and resolve any database issues, if they arise, (in the HouseKeeping->Orders Database Information section).

5 When the software is used in a multi-user environment it communicates with the central server using windows file sharing.

6 The software does not store any credit details. Any passwords or other sensitive information is stored in an encrypted format.

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