How to use Stock Logging in One Stop Order Processing

How to use Stock Logging in One Stop Order Processing

The following guide gives an overview of One Stop Order Processing's Stock Logging feature, including why it is an important feature, what its used for and how to set it up.

This feature is available in the�Professional, Premium and Managed subscriptions of One Stop Order Processing.
�For a full video tutorial on how to use stock logging in One Stop Order Processing, click here.

What is Stock logging and why is it important? -

Stock logging is an important feature in One Stop Order Processing, as it allows you to see any changes made to the stock levels, this will allow you to see when and by how much stock was changed. It further allows the support team to be able to diagnose any issue relating to the One Stop Order Processing�s Stock features quickly.

How to set up Stock logging in One Stop Order Processing-

1.Click the menu option Tools -> Options

2.Click the Other tab

3.Tick Log Stock information

4.Click the Log Settings� button

5.In the Stock Log settings you can set the number of days to keep information for and you have the option to clear stock log information not required.

6.You may only want to have stock logging enabled for certain products, you can enable stock logging with the product by Clicking the menu option Products -> Manage

7.Double clicking the product you would like stock logging enabled on.

8.Click the stock tab and tick Use Stock Control

9.Ensure that Log Stock Information is ticked

10.If you click the View Stock Log option, you can any stock adjustments and when they were made.

How to send your stock log to support-

11. By clicking the Copy Information to Clipboard button you can have a copy of the stock log information within your paste buffer, you can then paste this information into an email to support if any issues have occurred.�

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