How to use different Account References when importing into Sage

How to use different Account References when importing into Sage

The Sage view, by default, exports all orders into the WEB Account. If you use different currencies and want to put each currency into different accounts you can use the following default value of the Account Reference field

to be :

X[%Grand total%][$][1][2][=]X£[WEBGBP][X[%Grand total%][$][1][2][=]X$[WEBUSD][WEEUR]]

This formula takes the currency character from the Grand total line and compares it against £ and $ and displays a different value for each type.

The following explains how the formula works out which value to display.

1. Add X to the start of the Grand Total. (X[%Grand total%] becomes X£1.33).
2. Take the first 2 characters of the X and Grand Total. (X£1.33[$][1][2]becomes X£).
3. The 2 characters are compared to X£ and if they are equal 'WEBGBP' is displayed. (X£ [=]X£[WEBGBP][X[%Grand total%][$][1][2][=]X$[WEBUSD][WEEUR] becomes WEBGBP).
4. If the currency is not £ then the other part of the remaining formula is used (i.e. X[%Grand total%][$][1][2][=]X$[WEBUSD][WEEUR]).
5. The same test is done for $ and WEBUSD is displayed if it is the same.
6. If it isn't $ the rest of the formula is used, in this case [WEBEUR}.
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