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            DesignBuilder integration

            Importing is a core process of One Click LCA. It is built on a patent-pending technology for transforming models to life-cycle impact assessments. This page concerns the use of the One Click LCA® in connection with DesignBuilder.
            Make sure you have the things listed below before starting:
            • One Click LCA user account
            • DesignBuilder 5.1. or higher version installed (upgrades are free from v5)
            • An existing project in the user account with a valid license

            How do you set up the DesignBuilder integration?

            DesignBuilder 5.2. and higher

            Simply find the One Click LCA button inside DesignBuilder, as DesignBuilder has a native integration to One Click LCA. Read more about that on the DesignBuilder website here.

            DesignBuilder 5.1

            Please use gbXML export capability, DesignBuilder supports gbXML export for the models from the 5.1./DSM version onwards. It can be downloaded from the DesignBuilder website.

            Once you have exported the gbXML file, please follow the guide to import gbXML file.

            How do you use the DesignBuilder integration?

            Watch our tutorial video of the tool basic functionalities and test the web interface so that you’ll know how it works before starting the import.

            Step 1: Open your project in DesignBuilder. Look for the One Click LCA button in the right end of the toolbar and click it.

            After you click the One Click LCA button you will be taken to the One Click LCA cloud service back-end to continue the process.

            Updated: 25 Jul 2019 05:13 PM
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