One Click LCA

Release notes May 2020

Release notes highlights

Check the highlights of this release below, and view the downloadable PDF file for a full overview of the May release in the attachment.
  1. We introduce the Request for EPD feature to allow getting more data directly from manufacturers 
  2. New machine hours datasets and different types of soils for earth construction / Infrastructure projects
  3. GHG protocol and CSR tools have fully new sets of graphs and extended Scope 3 emission data
  4. Expert users: You can now add private data directly to the company account via the user interface
  5. Expert users: Significant improvements for private constructions creation and management
  6. This release launches a new tool, Site Designer, for carbon conscious site selection decisions
  7. With this release, we're soon launching the One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD Generator. This tool will allow creating EPDs faster and more cost-efficiently.
  8. Data updates are reported weekly in the Database update log
  9. + over one hundred smaller improvements and fixes

Summary of release notes - all versions

  1. Easily request EPDs directly from the manufacturer
  2. Important data updates for earth moving / Infrastructure construction
  3. Results by life-cycle stage graph is updated
  4. Navigation improvements
  5. Option to archive completed projects added

Summary of release notes - Business & Expert 

Business features

  1. Carbon heroes benchmarks now have additional metadata available
  2. Users can create groups of materials, check that out here: Grouping materials
  3. Import: Mapping basis clarification added 

Expert features

  1. Several improvements to private construction creation functionality
  2. Ability to add private data directly

New graphs and data for CSR tools

  1. Completely new set of graphs available for CSR tools (GHG protocol, etc)
  2. Significant Scope 3 data extension for construction and food services

New tool: Site designer

  1. New tool for making informed choices about project location carbon impacts
  2. Modeling impacts of available energy sources
  3. Modeling end user operational transport to and from the building
  4. Modeling construction impacts

New tool: One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD generator

  1. New tool which allows for creating EPDs faster and cheaper
  2. Redeveloped filters, creating groups, two transport legs per material
  3. Ecoinvent based data cards which contain more information
  4. Ecoinvent data can be assigned an alias
  5. More options for copying data

Download the release notes in PDF format

Please download the attachment below to view the full release notes in PDF format. 
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