One Click LCA

Release notes March 2020

Release note highlights

Summary of release highlights - all users

  1. This release delivers 10 customer requested features
  2. Significant improvements to visual comparisons on the project main page
  3. Favorite materials can be stored in organisation profile for quick access to your common choices
  4. Simplified default LCA parameter setup introduced
  5. Carbon Heroes Benchmarks have been updated
  6. Data update: 2840 new resources and a new database update log under 'Help' menu
  7. From this version, all materials, including building technology, doors and windows can be inputted in any section in materials

Release highlights for Business and Expert licenses

  1. Business: Improvements to import
  2. Business: Improved resource data information
  3. Expert: Create private constructions (assemblies) for your organisation from existing projects
  4. Expert: Additional new treemap visualisations

Carbon Designer update

  1. Improvements for seismic structures & data grouping
  2. New Carbon Designer regions for Southern Europe and Sweden added

Summary of release highlights - all versions

Visual improvements on the project main page

Visualisation improvements were introduced to the project main page. The graph colour palette has been revised. Also, graphs now start rendering if at least one can be drawn.

New, tabulated grouping gathers all comparison graphs for all designs in a project. The tool, impact category and designs to show in these can be managed from buttons in the Graphs toolbar.

  1. New, Carbon Designer-like graph allows comparing designs by classification or with another grouping (customer request).

  1. Designs on entity main page now show 'Edit' or 'Lock' symbols as a cue to where data is edited from (customer request).

Favorite materials can be stored in organisation profile for quick access to your common choices

Favorite materials can be stored in organisation profile for quick access to your common choices.
  1. Clicking on the start icon will allow you to add this resource to the organisational favorites.

  1. Once you search for materials, your favorite materials will appear.

  1. You can manage your favorite materials on the company account page.

Simplified default LCA parameter setup introduced

Creating a new project proposes a shorthand for users who tend to choose always default LCA Parameter settings to apply the defaults. Note: this option is not recommended for users who are not yet familiar with the settings. Also, the LCA parameter options grey out incompatible choices. If you want to read up on our parameters, please check the following article: LCA parameters.

  1. The 'Save 'button in queries is disabled until some changes are made.

  1. Data points that may be expired are highlighted with a clock symbol both in queries and in search (customer request).

Carbon Heroes Benchmarks have been updated

Carbon Heroes Benchmarks have been updated with the latest data until January 2020 cut-off. New regional and national profiles are available globally for most common building types. Also, additional metadata is made available under question marks showing next to the benchmark set, including for example the sample size and geographical distribution.

Database update: 2840 new resources and a new database update log under 'Help' menu

Owing to the very high number of database updates and their frequency, database update details can be found in their own database updates log under the HELP menu. We shall no longer recap most of the database updates in the software release notes. However, in the year 2020 until week 10 updates we have added 2840 new resources to the One Click LCA database.

Dataset full name shown on hover over

We have introduced the functionality to display the full name while hovering over the material, so that opening the additional information (Green ?) is not required.

Numerous other improvements to One Click LCA

  1. This version removes the former restriction to input building technology systems, doors or windows elsewhere than their designated sections. Now they can be inputted in any section, as required and fitting for your project. Kindly note that inputs of any materials, including short-lived materials in the foundations section still does not allow for replacements.
  2. Changing the unit for a dataset that supports multiple units is now happening via the unit drop-down, and it recalculates the quantity to match the change in the unit automatically (customer request)
  3. Most contributing materials list on the results report is extended to 25 items (customer request)
  4. License managers can now release floating license seats from other users and remove users from the licenses (customer request)
  5. Materials are ordered by state for countries comprising of federal level and states
  6. Intended sections in results reports are differentiated from main level sections
  7. Additional information section in create building page is collapsed by default
  8. All user names and email addresses displayed under user lists, records of editing and so forth are now partially masked to respect various privacy regulations. Hence, instead of full name and email address of a person being shown, masked data is shown Dave *********

Release highlights for Business and Expert licenses

Business: Import process improvements

Mapping step in the data import process allows now swapping between all available units in the data prior importing the data. This allows for example adjusting the data to available LCA profiles which are expressed in the unit you wish (for example, if walls are expressed as m2, this allows changing unit to m2 if object was representable as m2). Import process reads out data in areas and volumes simultaneously for example in Autodesk Revit and Simplebim plugins (customer request).

  1. The basis of mapping a dataset is shown when hovering mouse over name of mapped resource. This is a reminder for an existing functionality.

Other import process improvements include:
  1. In Excel imports, column header “UNIT” can be used instead of the “QTY_TYPE”
  2. Labels with underscore are considered equal to labels with whitespace
  3. Thickness calculated from the BIM objects is rounded to 2 significant digits in import

Business: Additional information available in resource data cards

Resource data cards include now several new fields for each resource based on customer requests:
  1. Q Metadata represents inherent variance of the resource. The more generic a dataset is, the higher the inherent variance it has. This uses Carbon Leadership Forum pilot methodology (customer request).
  2. Global warming potential is now shown at once for all available and all calculable units.
  3. For generic datasets that include a safety top-up factor added by the dataset issuer (in sense of burden of doubt, similar to the Q Metadata) now show the applied safety top-up factor.
  4. Rows that have no answers are now masked by default. You can show them by pressing the Show empty parameters button at the bottom of data card.

Expert: Create private constructions (assemblies) for your organisation from existing projects

Expert license users have now three easy and quick ways to create constructions that can be reused by all members of their organisation (customer request) or just help with grouping of inputs within the specific design. In order to publish a construction to the company account and reuse it, there are some prerequisites that need to be met (see guidance). The 2 new ways of creating constructions are:

First option: Using the 'Create a group' feature in materials query.
User can drag and drop any desired rows from the question to the group, and create a group from it. The group can be created for this project only, or saved as a construction in the organisation profile. Immediately once construction is added, it can be used by others. The construction automatically inherits metadata from its constituents: for example, a construction created using a tool locked to INIES database creates similar construction.

This allows for example creating constructions of wall and floor structures used in a project, that can be reused in other projects going forward. All constructions thus created will get by default as a comment the name of the person creating it and timestamp.

Second option: Painting over resource rows with left mouse cursor and then clicking on right mouse cursor shows a shortcut to the Create a group functionality. This allows creating a group of selected rows exactly as in the case above.

Third existing but improved option: The classical construction management user interface under organisation profile has been simplified and clarified. Fields displayed have been reduced to minimum necessary. All constructions created via the user interface will also stay editable in this way.

Please note: In order to save private constructions you will need to have created a company account. You can read this article to see how this is done: Setting up a company account

Expert: Treemap visualisations

Additional new treemap visualisations have been enabled in the Expert license. They can be used to review visually impacts by resource type and sub-type at the same time, and impacts by life-cycle stage and resource sub-type at the same time. This allows very efficient hotspot identification. Area in treemap is commensurate with the share of impact.

In addition, Expert license users have access now to up to 25 sustainable alternatives to any of the top 25 most contributing materials in their project as a dropdown.

Carbon Designer update

Improvements for seismic structures & data grouping

Carbon Designer now warns about the need to recalculate areas if any area-impacting figures were changed on the 'Create baseline' page. Carbon Designer now allows grouping both carbon and life-cycle cost calculations using same select-able grouping logic.

For regions, where seismic designs have not been disabled, two different scenarios are offered. This allows adjusting the structural strength to be more adequate to the specific location.

New Carbon Designer regions for Southern Europe and Sweden have been added

Currently available Carbon Designer regions include: European, UK (Part L 2016), Southern United States, Northern United States and Canada (all ASHRAE 90.1), Italy/Southern Europe, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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