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Major Revit plugin update in One Click LCA – 21 January 2019

This is a major update of the One Click LCA Revit plugin which introduces several essential improvements. We encourage updating to this latest version of the plugin without delay. Support for older plugins stops end of March 2019. 

The plugin requires One Click LCA Business or Expert version to work. 

General improvements

  • Plugin now available for all Revit versions from 2016 to 2019. Please note that Revit LT does not allow installing plugins.
  • User interface is clarified and faster.
  • It is possible to choose which Phase of the project to export (if phases are defined). It is only possible to choose one Phase at a time to avoid duplicate materials exporting.
  • All types of Revit families now exported, including System Revit Families.
  • Family name and Type can be exported as additional information fields.
  • Shared parameters (by a group of objects) can be exported as info fields.
  • Material thicknesses are exported both in millimeters as well as inches.

Materials mapping screen improvements

  • Material filter country allows selecting multiple options. 
  • All materials show now the country and the publishing EPD program.
  • All filters, except database choice, have option “None” and can be reset.
  • The view also allows using Isolate Material and Show LCA profile.
  • Note: Refresh materials (for mapping) and Show LCA profile require the user to be logged in with a valid One Click LCA user account.
  • The materials mapping screen allows now ignoring all layers with zero thickness at once (Skip 2D layers). This allows saving time in review.
Screenshot: materials screen with user mapping a datapoint

Improvements requiring the add-on feature “Carbon data for BIM”

All of these advanced features of the plugin (in this section) require the add-on feature Carbon data for BIM for the user, and that the user is logged in.

Materials screen features with add-on feature “Carbon data for BIM”

If you first go to Results and return to Materials, the materials that the software identified automatically are returned to model with warnings, if applicable. You can edit and override these materials choices.
Screenshot: materials automatically identified materials (using add-on feature)

Results screen features with add-on feature “Carbon data for BIM”

  • New feature allows hiding all non-calculated rows. This excludes automatically all rows that have for example a zero thickness or that could not be identified reliably automatically.
  • If a result has any warnings associated with it, those are shown.
  • New grouping controls allow grouping rows either based on material or category, and allow seeing the totals for all objects in the group. All groups can be collapsed or expanded.
  • All rows with results contain carbon intensity (CO2e/m3) and impact quintiles (total CO2e). Quintiles group results to five parts, where quintile 1 has lowest and 5 highest values. These allow sorting and viewing the parts of the model with the highest overall impacts.
  • The quintiles can also be used via the quick select dropdowns to choose for example 80 % of total calculated carbon impacts for the project.
  • The Isolate material feature can now be used to select any selected group of materials (including 80 % of total carbon impacts). 
  • The Isolate material updates automatically as choices are toggled.
Screenshot: results screen with materials grouping (using add-on feature)
Screenshot: results screen, 80 % of carbon drivers chosen (using add-on feature)

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