How can I get access?

How can I get access?

How do I get my user account?

Please sign up here with your business email address. One Click LCA user accounts are also used for One Click LCA Planetary.

Where is One Click LCA Planetary available?

Initially in countries with Planetary Partners. Going forward, we will be rolling out everywhere on planet Earth. See all partners and countries here.

One Click LCA Planetary is not in my country - what can I do?

If One Click LCA Planetary is not yet available in your country, don't be discouraged. You can help by identifying a national organisation, such as a government body, Green Building Council, or architect’s council locally, and seeking out their interest to partner for launching the tool in your country.

If you represent such an organisation and would like to discuss further, please write to planetary@bionova.fiThere are no costs for such partnerships, just collaboration to bring this free embodied carbon tool to everyone, everywhere.

If this article didn't answer your question, please post to our One Click LCA Planetary Community Forum.
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