One Click LCA

Databases incorporated in One Click LCA

For One Click LCA most of the materials’ environmental impacts are based on manufacturer or product category EPDs, collected from 26 (and counting) different EPD databases, as well as information from building material manufacturers. Moreover, we incorporate some generic building material databases including Oekobau.dat and IMPACT. At the moment our database covers over 10.000 different building material resources.

All the incoming building material data is checked for its validity, reasonability, and coverage before being added to the database. We review, verify, curate and integrate data from various public and private sources to the One Click LCA database for customer perusal. All data undergoes a rigorous ten point verification using a process that has been reviewed by Building Research Establishment. In many cases, the data is also enhanced by additional parameters. As the last step, the data is filtered according to the requirements of the calculation tool/scheme.

All data in the database is classified and structured, and offered to end users using a dynamic algorithm which ensures users will only be able to choose data in conformity with the data quality requirements of the target certification they are working with (for example, LEED, BREEAM or Energie Carbone).

If you are a manufacturer having EPDs not published as part of one of the programs listed below, you may send such data to support(at)

European data coverage

One Click LCA generic construction materials database
Environdec (The International EPD System)
Spain: DAPconstrucción, GBC Espana, and AENOR
Austria: BAU-EPD
Czech Republic: CENIA
Portugal: DAP Habitat
Denmark: EPD Danmark
Italy: EPD Italy
United Kingdom: IMPACT, BRE
France: INIES, PEP, Ecopassport
Poland: ITB
Switzerland: KBOB-Ökobilanzdaten
Netherlands: MRPI, NMD (Nationale Milieudatabase)
Germany: Ökobaudat, ift, Rosenheim, IBU, Kiwa BCS
Slovenia: ZAG
Finland: RTS EPD
Ireland: EPD Ireland
Norway: EPD Norge

Asia and Pacific

One Click LCA generic construction materials database
Australia: Building Products Innovation Council – BPIC LCI, AusLCI
EPD Australasia; ASTM; Environdec (International EPD Program)
SCS Global
UL Environment

North American data coverage

One Click LCA generic construction materials database
IERE Earthsure
SCS Global
UL Environment

Middle Eastern data coverage

One Click LCA generic construction materials database
Environdec (International EPD Program)
South American data coverage
One Click LCA generic construction materials database
UL Environment
EPD Americalatina
GBC Brasil

Why do you not integrate database X?

We integrate data that is publicly available, free to use, relevant for the purposes of our users, meeting our quality requirements, including the validity of the data, and for which the right to use is not ambiguous. Please note that when using the software, some of the data may be filtered by the tools you are using to ensure compliance with the requirements of the calculation tool. Some commercial databases, such as IMPACT or Ecoinvent, are available as well, subject to specific license. Please reach out to us if you believe a certain dataset would meet the above criteria but is not available.

Is it possible to create a new material that is not in the database?

Our database includes only EPDs that have been assessed and verified by our engineers so it is not possible to add materials to the database. However, manufactures can use our software to calculate an EPD for their material and then request it to be added to our database.

What happens if a material we are using is not in your database?

If a specific material you are using is not in our database you can either send the EPD to support(at) to have it added or select a generic material with the same characteristics as yours (for example, strength class in the case of concrete).

The new data added must pass our quality control. The main requirement to data is to be at a minimum ISO 14040/44 compliant and the study must be conducted no more than 10 years ago. The EPDs issued in Europe are commonly also EN 15804 compliant and in that case valid 5 years from the issue date.

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