Creating or copying a design

Creating or copying a design

What is a design?
A design is a variation of your project. One Click LCA calculates results for each design you can create an unlimited number of designs for every (licensed) project. This enables you to compare multiple options and to find the most optimal solution regarding LCA or LCC impacts of your building, infrastructure project, or product. 

1. Creating a first design

Open your project and Click 'Get started' button

In the popup window you can choose the calculation tool you wish to work with (you can choose multiple tools).
As a last step, give a name to your design and choose the construction stage:

Construction stage selection is not impacting your calculations. It is info that enables you to differentiate same project designs which are created in different project stage.
After creating the design, you will be taken directly to the Parameters question form. You can fill it in immediately but you can also come back to it later by clicking 'Parameters'. 

2. Modifying, copying, deleting, and locking a design

Every design can be modified, copied, deleted, or locked. You can do those actions by clicking on the design name:

Modify: enables to change the project name and construction stage, and select which tools are enabled for this design (e.g. when disabling a tool then data cannot be included for it)
Add new note: enables to add a note that can help distinguish a design or note important info about it
Copy: copies the design. Copying a design is the most efficient way to compare alternative options. In the copy you can do the modifications and then compare the original design with the copy
Delete: deletes the design
Lock: locks the design so the data included to the design cannot be edited. Locking a design is recommended once the design is complete, so no modifications can't be made by mistake

3. Creating a new design 

If you do not wish to copy your design and want to create a new one from scratch then simply click '+ Add design' button:

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