One Click LCA

One Click LCA BIM tool & Simplebim integration

In order to import IFC models and start your calculations in One Click LCA, we can provide you with a BIM tool that seamlessly allows you to read and import your models in the web app. Together with the One Click LCA web application, this will enable you to transform any IFC-model into building life-cycle assessment. The One Click LCA® BIM tool works together with Simplebim. To start working with the One Click LCA BIM reader tool you will need a license issued from Bionova for Simplebim limited version (IFC reader; Bionova can also supply the full version if desired) and install One Click LCA plug-in for Simplebim. You can also test Simplebim with a 30 days trial.

Make sure you have the following before getting started:
  1. One Click LCA user account
  2. One Click LCA Business or Expert license
  3. Simplebim version of at least 7 or higher is recommended, or the One Click LCA BIM tool.

How do you set up the Simplebim Integration?

Where can I download it?

You can download all the different versions of the Simplebim Integration at the bottom of the page. Please check the guidance which version you are required to download.

How do I install it?

  1. Install Simplebim (set it up as a trial) from the link here.
  2. Install the latest version of One Click LCA plug-in from the attachments (at the bottom of the page). Unzip and run the installer using the default settings (note that you may need System Administrator privileges to install. Consult your IT support as required.
  3. If you have purchased a license for the BIM tool then please request a license for key for the One Click LCA BIM tool (IFC reader / Simplebim limited version) from
You're ready to start importing your IFC files. Follow the next steps at 'How do you use the Simplebim Integration'. 

How do you use the Simplebim Integration?

Watch our tutorial video of the tool basic functionalities and test the web interface so that you’ll know how it works before starting the import.

Step 1: Start the Simplebim (One Click LCA limited mode) or Naviate Simple BIM

  1. When the Simplebim license is only for One Click LCA, the start-up screen looks like the image below.

  1. The One Click LCA® BIM tool is visible directly on the start page. If necessary, change to the Add-ons tab.

Step 2: Open your IFC model through the One Click LCA plug-in

Step 3: Quality check your IFC model

Make sure all requirements for One Click LCA BIM model are fulfilled. If the model only contains names like “Default wall” or “External wall type 1” you will not be able to get the materials directly from the model. The model can still be used but it will require some extra steps.

Step 4: Click the One Click LCA button and enter the cloud service, where you can select your import modes.

You will be taken to the One Click LCA cloud service to continue the process. You can start by using the basic settings.

Which version of the One Click LCA plugin should I download?

There are different versions of the plugin for different versions of Simplebim. Check the table below to see which plugin you require with each version of Simplebim.

Plugin name (bottom of the page)
Simplebim 8 or above.
OCL BIM Tool for Simplebim 8
Simplebim 7 Service Release 6
OCL BIM Tool for Simplebim 7 Service Release 6
Simplebim 7 Service Release 5
OCL BIM Tool for Simplebim 7 Service Release 5
Simplebim 7 Service Release 3
OCL BIM Tool for Simplebim 7 Service Release 3
Simplebim 7 Service Release 1
OCL BIM Tool for Simplebim 7 Service Release 1
Simplebim 6.1 Service Release 3
OCL BIM Tool for Simplebim 6 Service Release 3
Simplebim 5.0
OCL BIM Tool for Simplebim 5 Service Release 1 and 2
Simplebim 4.0
OCL BIM Tool for Simplebim 5 Service Release 1 and 2
Older versions
OCL BIM Tool for Simplebim Older Versions

I have Naviate simpleBIM

If you are using a version of Naviate simpleBIM that is not Naviate Simplebim 2019 or 2018, please check the datacubist version on which the Naviate simplebim is running to get the correct version. To see which versions of Simplebim are used by Naviate, please check the following link: Naviate Simple BIM versions

Frequently asked questions

How to fix blank work windows in Simplebim.

If you have accidentally performed some action that caused your work windows to become completely blank and display nothing, please follow these steps to resolve the issue.
If this happens you will need to reset the workspace. Since this is not an option in the software you will need to delete the workspace file from the user settings. The default path to the user settings is: 
  1. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Datacubist\simplebim\7 (For Naviate Simplebim instead of Datacubist it could say i.e. Symetri.)
In this folder there is a Workspaces sub-folder, which contains the saved workspace settings.
  1. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Datacubist\simplebim\7\Workspaces
Delete all the files in the workspaces sub-folder and the issue is solved.

Why cannot I open a .cube file in the Simplebim Editor?

Saving a file in the One Click LCA plugin saves the file as a .cube file. This .cube file you can only open in the plugin. Opening a .cube file will open the model using the plugin. The reason why you cannot open a .cube file with the Simplebim Editor is because the plugin adds information to the model that the standard version of Simplebim does not know how to read.

Can I export an IFC file from the Simplebim plugin?

Exporting an IFC file from the One Click LCA plugin is not possible by design. Exporting only works in the full version of Simplebim.

How do I release a Simplebim license?

Releasing the license
The license can be released from the About dialog. If you have a single user license you 'move the license to another computer' to release it. If you have a network license you 'release the license permanently'. Releasing the license will close Simplebim, so please be sure to save any unsaved work before releasing the license.

Uninstalling Simplebim
Simplebim can be uninstalled normally through the Windows Control Panel. Uninstalling does not release your licenses. The best practice is to release your license before uninstalling Simplebim. 

Simplebim licenses are further explained on the Simplebim support pages, please check the guidance for releasing licenses here: Simplebim Licensing


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