How to get a Weibo Account

            Please pay attention, only with the following country’s phone number, you can make registration to Weibo.

            Country List: China, U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, England, France, Russia, India, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos

            Registration Steps (NOTE: Registration does not work with Mobile Device, please use desktop):
            1.  Go to
            2. Choose Personal Account, then change Use Mobile Phone to make registration (the reason to choose Mobile Phone registration is that even make registration via email, Weibo will still request to provide phone number)
            3. Find your country code from the drop-down new next to Mobile and fulfil all the information, click Get A-Code for free, to receive verification code to Weibo and put it to the A-Code field to finish the registration.
            4. Fulfill your profile (artist name, profile photo) and start to interact with fans!
            Please also find and follow Musicinfo on Weibo via link: 


            Updated: 15 Feb 2019 11:50 AM
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