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            How it works?

            The thought of having your music in a new market such as China is exciting and that is why we want to help you. Here is a small intro of our services and some key information just for you on understanding how you can start creating a fanbase in China now.

            What does Musicinfo do?

            Our company created a music distribution platform that is very easy to use and at the same time fulfills all the requirements of the Chinese Streaming Stores we work with.

            In our distribution platform, you can upload your music together with the required information, such as; copyright, lyrics, features, etc. You can also create your artist profile for the Chinese stores with your artist-bio and picture.

            As you may or may not know, in China, music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, Google Play, etc., do not exist or are not popular.

            We distribute your music to over 30 streaming stores in Mainland China and we also work with multiple radio stations and music promotion outlets.

            This is the list of our partners:

            How to get started?

            To get started you simply need to purchase a distribution plan that fits the number of releases you have or you want to distribute, from a choice of 3:

            Star Distribution - for 1 release

            Gold Distribution - for 20 releases

            Platinum Distribution - for 100 releases

            *1 release = 1 song / 1 album / 1 EP

            Each plan has a set price which must be purchased to get started. Every plan is maintained by a yearly fee nearly ⅓ of the initial cost. Your distribution options can be found here:

            What happens after you purchase a distribution plan?

            After you purchase a distribution plan, you will receive an email that contains username (your email address), a new password and a link to the distribution platform.

            NOTE: The distribution platform website is not the same website as the webstore Therefore, the account you have on our main website (our webstore), is not the same as the account you will have on the distribution platform.

            Use the login information from the email you received after you made the purchase to log into the distribution platform where you can set up your account (create a new password and update personal information). You can then start uploading your music.

            This is a short video tutorial that shows you how to upload your music in our platform:

            To have the best user experience you must use the distribution platform on your laptop or computer and NOT on your mobile devices (phones/tablets). We also recommend Chrome browser when using the distribution platform.

            What happens after you upload your music to our platform?

            Once your music is successfully uploaded and published to our platform, we review the content, then send it to the Chinese Stores. It takes 5-6 weeks for the music to be live in China. Use this link after the processing period to verify that your music is live: Simply input your artist name or project name in the search bar. If you access that link from the laptop or computer and you use Google Chrome, you will be able to translate the content of that website from Chinese to English.

            How do I get paid for my music streams?

            Musicinfo pays artists 100% off ALL their royalties for the streams their music get on the Chinese Stores we work with. We do not pay your publishing such as BMI, ASCAP, PRS, etc. We pay artists directly. The first streaming reports and statistics will come to your account dashboard on the distribution platform, after 9 months from the time your music went live in China. You will be able to collect your money from the PayPal account you have added to your profile when you set up your distribution platform user account.

            For more information about our terms of distribution please follow this link:

            How do I promote my music in China?

            Once your music is live in China its good to start promoting it. Musicinfo offers artists 3 promotion plans that helps artists get visibility for their music to more listeners and increase the number of plays. You can check our promotional services here:

            We work strictly with the Chinese Social Media apps, Weibo, WeChat and Tencent, and the video platforms QQ Videos  and YinYueTai

            In Mainland China, social media and video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are blocked. You can find a list of all apps and websites blocked

            in mainland China here:

            If you are located in countries such as China, U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, England, France, Russia, India, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos you are able to create a Weibo account for free. Weibo is is a Chinese microblogging website. You can find a tutorial about how to create a Weibo account here:

            If you have any other questions please feel free to get in contact with us at

            Updated: 27 Dec 2018 12:28 PM
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