Will Musicinfo inform me when my music has reached the distribution phase

Will Musicinfo inform me when my music has reached the distribution phase?

Musicinfo is not able to inform you when your music is out for distribution, as the service providers do not notify Musicinfo when your music has been launched online.

After your music has been distributed, You can wait 5-6 weeks and do either of the following:
1) Contact us via email or live chat  with the artist name, and the title of your release to locate your links for you
2) Use our China Search app along with our list of streaming services to search for the links to your music.

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    • Why does it takes so long for my music to appear online?

      The distribution process in China can be really slow as not all DSPs use the same data format, e.g., DDEX, thus, to process all the information for each DSP takes manual work and time. For more information, please read: When will my music be online
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