Why is the distribution to Mainland China exclusive?

Why is the distribution to Mainland China "exclusive"?

We cannot distribute your music if it is already in China via your current distributor with the exception of Tencent (TME): QQ, Kuwo and Kugou and/or Netease. We can distribute your music if your music is only on both or either one of these streaming services.

Musicinfo want to guarantee that your music will not be distributed to the DSPs in Mainland China multiple times in other words, we want to ensure that your music is not duplicated across the platforms, therefore, when distributing to to Mainland China with us, we request that you keep it exclusive. Musicinfo's distribution service covers almost all music DSPs in Mainland China, from big names like QQ Music, Baidu Music, to popular online radio stations like Ximalaya FM, therefore, so you can practically get all the exposure in China that you need using our services.