When will my music be online?

When will my music be online?


We distribute your music to the top five major streaming providers: QianQian Music, QQ Music, Kuwo Music, Kugou Music and Netease, of which you will collect royalties. It typically takes 5-6 weeks for the music to be live. This is not without the possibility of extenuating circumstances that could lengthen the distribution process.

As well as these major Chinese music providers we send your music to be published on 50+ Chinese music promotion companies and Chinese radio stations. It is at the sole discretion of these providers that your music will be picked up and aired, however most of the music we push to them is usually selected and then published due to the demand and interest for Western music. In the case that your music is aired on these services you will collect royalties from only these three: Migu Music, iMusic and Wo Music. The circumstances your music becomes live on these services could be considerably longer than the major distribution services.

If your music is not yet live in 5-6 weeks please know that once you have published your release from your platform, that it is in the process of being distributed. We check all the data is correct and that the music is not duplicated on our servers. We then send the metadata with the music files to China where it is checked with the legal copyright before it is sent to the music providers. This requires manual work and greatly affects the duration of the sorting and distribution process.

South Korea

The distribution to South Korea takes 1-4 weeks. It may take a little longer to be live on Melon