What is QQ video?

What is QQ video?

QQ video became the leading video platform in China, as of March 2019, it had over 900 million mobile monthly active users, and 89 million subscribers. When you use our Music Video Promotion service, your music video will also be recommended to the Tencent News platform and the Kuaibao Platform (customized content recommend app) to gain more viewers.
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    • Are music videos monetized on Chinese video platforms?

      Musicinfo does not collect royalties for videos on Chinese platforms. This is also the reason why the video sharing service is listed as a promotion service as well.
    • Can I get royalties from Music Video Sharing?

      Currently no royalties are collected from music video sharing since video service providers in China do not pay royalties for music videos. The videos are used for promotional purposes only, which is also the reason why Video Sharing is listed as a ...
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