What happens if I am unable to pay the yearly fee?

What happens if I am unable to pay the yearly fee?

In the case that you cannot pay the Yearly Fee, your subscription will automatically change to a commission based subscription 7 days after the 2nd reminder of your yearly fee payment whereby we will pay you 80% of all accumulated royalties form the day of renewal in lieu of the Yearly Fee.
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    • When and how do I pay the yearly fee?

      The yearly fee is to be paid after 18 months of your membership with us, and we will send you a notification via email from our platform to inform you of the yearly payment due date and payment instructions. You can also view our renewal page below ...
    • Why does Musicinfo charge a yearly fee?

      In order to provide you with a continuous service and keep your music safe, Musicinfo charges a yearly service fee for any essential technical services, such as storage space and management tools. The yearly fee is necessary to maintain your account ...
    • When Does My Subscription Renew?

      The Musicinfo Distribution Platform will charge you a Yearly Fee for essential technical and administration services to maintain your account and your distribution platform. The Yearly Fee will be charged 18 months from the time of registration with ...
    • What are the terms and conditions of our distribution services?

      Information about our T&Cs can be found here: https://musicinfo.io/terms_of_use_distribution/
    • Why is the distribution to Mainland China "exclusive"?

      We cannot distribute your music if it is already in China via your current distributor with the exception of Tencent (TME): QQ, Kuwo and Kugou and/or Netease. We can distribute your music if your music is only on both or either one of these streaming ...