How to Sync?

How to Sync?

If you want to sync your music with Musicinfo, you need to purchase our distribution services. Once you have submitted and published your albums via Musicinfo Distribution Platform, you can choose if you want to sync the album. If you want to sync only certain tracks from the album, and/or if you only want to sync the album without distributing to DSPs, you will need to email us at

The charge for the sync service is only 20% of the sync license, Musicinfo does not charge any extra to have your music synced. Sync payout varies from service to service, the smaller services such as sync to vloggers start around 30€ and go up from there to TV series and movies that can pay more than 1000€ per usage. 

Sync license extent: video bloggers, game companies, advertisement producers, TV programs and movies.

For more information please see the Sync Terms of Use:

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