How to submit a ticket?

How do I submit a Ticket to Musicinfo Support?

You may submit a ticket through the chat box from the main website, or fill the contact form, or write an email to

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    • Musicinfo Renewal and Cancellation Guide

      If you want to renew or cancel your subscription, please following the instruction from this link:
    • I just purchased services from your website...what do I do next?

        After you purchase a service (the first time) , you should receive 3 emails from us. Please check your bulk, spam and promotion emails folders. 1) Confirmation of your purchase   2) An email with login Credentials to login to the webstore ...
    • How do I register or sign up to Musicinfo?

      You are only able to register/sign-up to Musicinfo when you make a purchase. You are free to browse our website and familiarise yourself with our blogs and services until you are ready to make a purchase.
    • How can I access Musicinfo services after payment?

      Once you make a purchase, you will be sent a welcome email containing your confirmation of purchase and your new password for the DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM ( not for the webstore in which the purchase and original ...
    • How do I register for a Musicinfo account?

      Here is how our process works: Step 1: Select or purchase the services you need for distribution or promotion from our website: -Consider our distribution options based on the number of releases you want to distribute, or the ...