Quick set-up process

Quick set-up process

We know how difficult may seem in the beginning to implement a new tool in your organization. With Mirro we would like to make sure that the onboarding process is as smooth as possible. Below you will find the basic steps which can be followed to get the platform up and running. 

The steps listed will assure you that you will cover the basic requirements to: 
- Define your company settings and values; 
- Add all users with their details in the platform; 
- Set-up the organizational chart; 
- Invite everybody in Mirro. 

This is the quick set-up module which will cover only the basics of the administrative part without including the performance set-up and detailed administrative tasks, such as contracts and documents management or time-off settings. 

1. Define your personal profile - Add a personal touch to your Mirro profile by uploading a photo of yourself, adding a short bio to describe you and filling-in your personal information. To do so, you will need to access your personal profile from the top right corner. 
2.  Define your company settings by adding your company logo, your locations and values in Mirro. Check out the KB article How to set-up your general company settings and How to set-up your own company values.
3. Add a helping hand by adding manually a new user in Mirro for which you will assign similar roles as yours in the application because we know how important teamwork is. 
4. Let’s bring all people in Mirro manually or using the import option.  To do so check out the KB articles How to add manually an user or How to import users details. 
5. Check and define your company Organizational Chart so that each user to know where is positioned within your company. 
6. Now that all is set you can Invite all users in the application and start using Mirro. You can invite each user in part or you can use the bulk invite functionality, both options being available in the Organization module > Users management section. 

Because sometimes is easier to remember what we see, we also created the scheme below which can be downloaded and used as a guideline. 

Once all the details were covered you can start to enjoy Mirro and configure the additional settings.