What sets you apart from other lead generation services?

What sets you apart from other lead generation services?

What sets you apart from other lead generation services?

When you choose Marketlinx Realty, you're hiring a highly talented and experienced team of experts. Our primary goal is your success and to achieve this we focus on delivering actionable sales outcomes that are aligned to the specific goals, market and price points of our clients. We always aim to showcase the highest level of professionalism and quality in every conversation we have on your behalf.

We Convert The Leads We Generate 

Lead generation is only the start... Your success requires us to convert. This is why we have a team of dedicated real estate ISA's that follow-up with each lead within minutes. Our ISAs are articulate, enthusiastic, upbeat and 100% dedicated to Real Estate, they are USA based, college educated team members who will represent your brand with pride. We always keep in mind that from the leads perspective, we are a part of your company, your team. We look for every opportunity to convey to the lead that he or she is in good hands with you, and say as much when speaking to them.

Our Specialty? Live Transfers

Your lead can "feel" if the person on the other end of the line is someone they want to speak with, right away. This first impression can make or break a successful outcome. 
Ultimately we believe the quality of the ISA is the single most important factor to in achieving a successful Live Transfer to you, the client.

Our Secret? The Human Touch

We are not a call center full of people who read and memorize scripts all day long. We follow a script framework, but bring a human, empathetic touch to every conversation we have.
As a boutique team of ISAs, we love working each and every day to make your leads' experience a positive one. If your leads like speaking with our ISAs, it sets the stage to love working with you.
Our goal is to help all our customers to achieve success and get a real ROI. We look forward to serving you and bring integrity, consistency, and value to the table. Each and every day, one lead at a time.

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